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Wednesday, 21 October 2009

An Addiction

"I have no intention of being someone taking chances at the particular situations"

Long time no writing and now I have no desire to write something new about my life. Everything goes as it used to be, nothing new.

Empty as always I'd like to ask people on this earth about my situation as a student who has no feeling of longing something. Oh my goodness, I forgot how to long something so bad like I used to be when I was just a little kid and always whimper. Being yelled by my mother was an actual habit of mine. Geez... Really, I missed the old days when I could cry out of embarrassment.
Arrrrgh!!! Being an empty shell without something to long, something to be treasured is horrible!! DX
Is it normal to be someone so stressful as me? I'm just a high school girl... This is an exaggeration!!

Maybe I should have a new hobby. Right now I'm trying to put myself in a writing state. lol. That's my own term, don't mind it.